Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Men are from Mars & Women are fromVenus...

So True..

We expect them to understand, without being told what to.... And they just fail to....
And yet... again the next time around- its no lesson learnt ( by either ...)

Her point of view: cant you see, cant you feel, why wait to be told....
His point of view: why cant you just tell how you feel/ what you need..., why wait for me to guess...

And the battle goes on....
Whos right and whos wrong...
one cries while the other sings a song..

Can logic & emotion ever get along ?
wonder how would it be if we switched places...
if each walked in the others shoes for a mile long
would our fights still leave traces..

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

In retrospect.......Mumbai

Well, it was a prolonged sense of nervousness during the entire siege..Prior to this, all terror attacks, be it Jaipur, Hyderabad, Bangalore or Mumbai had been so quick that before you realise what had happened it was all over.
I guess that made us callous as citizens, but not this time. This time sure was different. The wait seemed endless..We were miles apart, yet glued to the Television, checked with all our folks in Mumbai, concerned.... And then waited...& watched with a thousand questions raging inside..

Worried about the role of media,

If we could so easily know when the commandos cam, how they are entering the Nariman House etc, wouldn't it be so easy for information to be passed to the terror groups as well..

It sure is a two edged sword- when the ordeal was over, realised that the information was useful for many family members were checking the news and passing the info through SMSes to their loved ones trapped inside...
Yeah thats good, but the details given out?

As Shobha De rightly said on a channel that politicians are not needed here right now, so that the security needed remains focused to combat terror rather than bothering about politicians' safety...But then the media kept hounding the NSG chief. Yeah, that sure must have kept him on his toes but, would his time not be better utilised in strategising the situation rather than answering the media. The Media could be briefed later.

And then our own careless attitude

We saw a US based anchor ( Sarah Sidner) covering the news so psyched by the proximity of the media to the Taj..After a few minutes, she said it was dangerously close and she instructed the crew to move behind and use the zoom lens....
I was pretty surprised as she seemed so tensed and scared for her own life, while the local media, was standing right beside the rope, not bothered.
And for a second I thought "who asked her to cover this or be a reporter in the first place" .. But I had to eat my words, as there was a bystander and a journalist injured soon after.
And it was then that i realised that she was just not used to putting her life in danger for her job. She just refused to be careless.

And We, over time have become careless. so much so that it takes a bystander to be injured before we realise how close to danger we are...

We wait for the authorities to define beyond which point would be safe for us...Have we stopped thinking what is safe for us..

Shocked to see the US media showing a different border for Kashmir..

Was shocked to see the maps of India flashed across the US media showing Kashmir seperately...Wondered how they would react if Russia occupied part of Alaska and then alaska was not shown as a part of US

Surprised at the term Hindu extremists

this was before the identity of the group was established and the US media was speculating whether it could be the handiwork of Hindu extremists. There was once a time when I thought of Hindus being a pretty docile race, And this term surprised me. ..And I remembered Narendra Modi and realised how far we have come from the Gandhi ideology...Colour, nationality, religion, ethnicity, in how many ways is the world dividing itself.

Lack of sensitivity to victims & family members

I cried when Barkha Dutt asked the husband of Sabina Saikia what he was telling his kids about her (when he had no clue about her safety).. and there was a long pause at the other end; When they showed a father with a photograph of his two daughters wondering what has become...
And i could only think how insensitive we are for thrusting a camera & a microphone on someone who is waiting for information about their loved ones or thrust it on someone who has just narrowly missed death....who may be in a terrified state seeing all the remains of what not...?

But then, would we have been so vociferous about it, had the media not constantly driven down in our heads & hearts the situation - as is.
Would we have questioned the security provided to the government, while we - the aam janta run helter-skelter, had the media not presented the gory details - as is?

Sadly, I dont think so...

Friday, November 7, 2008

To find out or not to find out...

whether its a boy or a girl...
We have the ultrasound coming And.....
Hmmm... on one hand I want the suspense to last and on the other I want to start shopping :)

and then i argue with myself, I can always buy blue - I'm sure my daughter would like the colour ;) Not too sure if its all pink, my son would like it....hehe. So blue is a safe bet.

But then again, when we have the option, can I let the suspense last for long, or would my curiosity get better...
I asked my husband what he thinks and he says - "upto you..." (though I'm sure he wants to know...)

well oh well... lets see .. what I feel like at that moment...

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

While we breathe, we hope' - Obama

yeah sure this was long overdue for America
Good to see the people rise beyond race, religion to deal with challenges that lie ahead...
good to see that 'Bradley effect' is now past..

and I hope that some day even India too will no longer need any reservations. All people will all be equal.
It would be optional to fill your caste /religion while applying for colleges/ jobs.

I hope that we women also no longer need to fight for reservations. .. And get things based on Merit.

And this can come only when opportunities are available for all, and help available for those who are meritorious but lack means. That should be the basis for providing help - not caste etc

An ideal state, might take a while. But then - there is hope.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Mood swings

I had heard that mood swings were common during pregnancy & now I know...

These little things &instances that hurt a lot (which others may feel is not even worth an iota of thought & tell you not to make a mountain of molehill).
And i wonder if i would have felt any different any time else? i guess not, just maybe that i would not have showed my feelings.. Now they just flow out of my system...But on second thoughts, that has been the case after marriage itself :)

So therein lies the start point...Its like feelings without leash of late - be it love or anger.

But, there is something to soothe me.

Have been feeling like somethings moving inside, a part of my body itself, shifting its place.. like my stomach/intestine just moved :) funny..the first time i felt it was night-before-last.. when I got up to have water & visit the loo.
It was all so silent that I could hear & feel.. But was not very sure...
And I didn't feel alone then.