Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Traditions or Superstions ?

A readers comment on this post by IHM got me to write this.

Sometimes I wonder if traditions or customs that were meant to be a boon in the good(?) old days have become a bane.
I wonder if some so called traditions/customs are actually superstitions..

I think I have a few superstions now.. Most of us have some quirk or the other don't we..
 A lucky t shirt a lucky ring etc., - whats yours?
In fact some people who are in love and decided to marry also insist on  matching horoscopes.
"Till death do us apart !!" but wait maybe horoscopes do us apart, huh..
And I thought Love was unconditional.. Guess sometimes one or two conditions may be attached :)

As a kid I always defied the norms.. We used to play lotto/tambola and i would try to take a ticket with number 13. Lucky for me .. You see I am different I would say. A black cat crosses path, I would smile and say.. Good Gracious it crossed my path, lets see if it is fine...

I guess as kids we are more logical. Looking for answers. and as we grow we imbibe certain preconceived notions, others logic of right and wrong others perceptions etc

we had a sex education class when we were in school(class 8, if i remember right), and there were quite a few questions that we had asked the  Father who was a guest-lecturer talking on the subject. It was an all girls catholic school.
some of my friends wanted to know why during menstruation girls are not allowed to touch certain foods, enter the temple etc. He told us that is a custom followed by many but he said "I think its the purest blood, since it might have actually been used by the body for the baby." Those words just stayed with me.

My mom once told not to touch fresh pickles that she was making when I had my periods. And I repeated what I heard from The Father.
She did her regular poojas though she didnt go to temple during her periods ( she rarely went otherwise as well) " Bhagwan sab jagah hain" is what she said.
After that she said do what your heart tells you is right.

I dont believe that God discriminates between man and woman or between women depending on their menstrual cycle. But then people do.
 In fact I once went to a temple and the pujari said asked me to wear something traditional and not jeans next time to the temple. I was shocked. I could see so many men/ guys wearing "Jeans" right there. I never went back to that temple again. Just didn't feel like.
I guess it is difficult to break certain customs/ traditions that we have grown up seeing.

But then sleeping on the floor, not entering the kitchen, not touching certain foods etc is something that I find ridiculous.
Do you think priya Pickles or whatever brand of pickles is your fav. ask the women employees to take leave when they have periods? Lijjat has all women employees so do they not turn up for work for approx 5 days every month. It would be a good excuse to take leave if that were the case.

Shouldn't the choice be made by the concerned person. I know of someone who had to follow this segregation thing because her grandmother insisted. She disliked it, but had no choice.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The world from your eyes..

I feel a little tingle on my feet,
and I look under the table
to find you lost in your little world
Did I disturb you?

You look up and give me a coy smile...

How do you spot these little things that my eyes fail to see,
A strand of black thread
Lying on the carpet
And you jump at it with excitement
like its a shiny toy...

You grab everything you can lay your hands on
and put it in your mouth..
Your feet , my hands - who cares!!
You act like everything is dipped in honey.

You cry when the nurse gives you a shot
And then smile the next minute when she talks to you..

Now, if I could see the world from your eyes - little one.
Wouldn't every day be treat to live.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I am looking for a job though half-heartedly. I had planned to get back in the saddle once sona was 6 mths. And this was the conversation I had with my husband.

I am not sure how would things be, I mean I am not sure if I "really" want it/ Yes a year back i would do anything for it...Yeah "anything". But today- I am not so sure

Hubby: "hmmm, why??"

Me: "I want to be with Sona"

hubby: "Is that the only reason?"

Damn !!! Are u reading me like a book.

Me:"Thats one of the reasons"

Me: " Its been quite a while too, and I feel like i have lost the edge "

To myself: I am nervous..thinking about Solilos blog: What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail
And this post by A Muser again gets me thinking. Yes i can so relate to every word.
And yet that was what i had wanted for so long and I am not so sure now.

Yet, I  shall figure out what I want in a while.

Monday, July 27, 2009

The Kite Runner

I was flipping channels and saw this airing..
The book had been on my 'to read' list for way too long, so decided to watch the movie before reading..
I was glued to the seat, though I am not sure how much justice was done to the book by the movie..

It is about a friendship between two kids transformed to akwardness due to guilt.. and how desperate one of them gets to part ways..
And then it is about loyalty- a loyalty the does not question the facts at all, a loyalty that lasts a lifetime.
And how life brings things that one wishes to bury, back in the forefront staring in your face.
You run away from things once but can you run again?

all this is told in the backdrop of political unrest..how people stoop to levels unimaginable in such times, when preachers are the ones who commit the most gruesome sins..
and you ask can there be a happy ending? is there hope?
Grab a copy or watch the movie...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Weekend Jitters??

we have been planning a weekend getaway...
everything is finalized now.. and here I get anxious about traveling with the little one...

And no I dont think i am over-stressed...
well for this 'small' weekend getaway- we have
  • a 2 hrs drive to the city airport ( well ...I stay in a small town)
  • a 1 hr connecting flight
  • a 3 hr wait for final flight
  • 2 & 1/2 hr flight to the destination city
EIGHT & HALF hours!!!! phew...i just realised that its this long while writing the post & breaking down the time :(((.... I hadn't factored in the waiting time earlier & i still have not added the usual check in time omg..

& a Rerun on monday

I dont know how will I manage it...
It will be a prelude to the India trip in waiting..
and I ask myself, is it worth it? . Hope it is...

Thursday, May 28, 2009

What do I tell you...

What do I tell you...
What do I tell you...

When I see where I stand
in your eyes..
it hurts me so...

But what do I tell you...
What do I tell you...

You are too busy to even notice
Me staring at you..
What has changed..

Where is that yesterday's
yearning in your eyes...

How did it get replaced with a blankness
that I just fail to understand

What do I tell you...
What do I tell you...

When I know that
My words matter no more
than a buzzing sound...

Oh that time!, when you waited with bated breath
to hear my voice, if for a few minutes
to see me, if for a glance

Where has that time flown away
and when did you become a stranger again...

and now here I am
and I search for words...
and fail to get them..

what do I tell you !

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Sometimes they are like daggers
Piercing you through and through
Sometimes they are a lullaby
Soothing you too

They can lift your spirits
Or they can dump you down
in the pits

There are some
That you wish linger for the rest of your life
and then there are those
that you wish you had
the power to forget
And yet...

Why dont people care enough
To choose the right words

And they claim to have spoken the truth
But I sigh
Of what value is that truth
when you do not know how it be told?

There are some who
trade truth for someones tears
And then there are those who
dont mind trading lies
for someones smiles

(PS: Indyeah: I remember your post on words.. I guess your words lingered with me too..
hmm ur words left a trail of thoughts)