Thursday, October 1, 2009

The world from your eyes..

I feel a little tingle on my feet,
and I look under the table
to find you lost in your little world
Did I disturb you?

You look up and give me a coy smile...

How do you spot these little things that my eyes fail to see,
A strand of black thread
Lying on the carpet
And you jump at it with excitement
like its a shiny toy...

You grab everything you can lay your hands on
and put it in your mouth..
Your feet , my hands - who cares!!
You act like everything is dipped in honey.

You cry when the nurse gives you a shot
And then smile the next minute when she talks to you..

Now, if I could see the world from your eyes - little one.
Wouldn't every day be treat to live.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful words!!!!!!!!!!! Loved it!

Happiness comes so easily, so adorably to babies! This lovely post sent me on an instant unclear, but loving moments similar to the ones you have described...

N said...

Thank you IHM :)
"This lovely post sent me on an instant unclear, but loving moments similar to the ones you have described..."
I am honoured :)
Such moments we as parents will cherish always..

Anonymous said...

That was lovely N!

It is so beautiful and something all of us can identify with !

Anonymous said...

That is beautiful, N. How is Shona pie doing? I just love the name 'Shona'. I call Peanut..Shona too. :)

N said...

@Smitha: Thanks dear... :) yes all of us mommies can relate to it..

@ Solilo: Shona is doing fine dear :)
Howz li'l peanut..So peanut n shona have something in common, how chweeeet.

Anonymous said...

awwwwww...that is just so heartwarming...brought this huge smile on my face N:))

shona is a cutiepie:)))

and you, momma are one too:) to be able to notice each lil gesture of your lil angel just so...:)

new momma?did I tell you that you have the gift?:)

of being able to make us see and feel what you did :))
Happy New Year to you and yours N:)
may it bring happiness and peace and contentment:))

Anonymous said...

Where are you N?
Taking care of the little one?:)
(((((((hugs)))))))come back as and when you can:)

Anonymous said...

Come and write a few words here:)...

The pages are missing you..


Poonam J said... aptly titled..the world from your eyes..u took me back in time..and I remembered v. old posts I had done,on my two so grown up now read them....

Yes, it indeed is a treat to live in the world thru their eyes...mmmmm