Friday, November 7, 2008

To find out or not to find out...

whether its a boy or a girl...
We have the ultrasound coming And.....
Hmmm... on one hand I want the suspense to last and on the other I want to start shopping :)

and then i argue with myself, I can always buy blue - I'm sure my daughter would like the colour ;) Not too sure if its all pink, my son would like it....hehe. So blue is a safe bet.

But then again, when we have the option, can I let the suspense last for long, or would my curiosity get better...
I asked my husband what he thinks and he says - "upto you..." (though I'm sure he wants to know...)

well oh well... lets see .. what I feel like at that moment...

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

While we breathe, we hope' - Obama

yeah sure this was long overdue for America
Good to see the people rise beyond race, religion to deal with challenges that lie ahead...
good to see that 'Bradley effect' is now past..

and I hope that some day even India too will no longer need any reservations. All people will all be equal.
It would be optional to fill your caste /religion while applying for colleges/ jobs.

I hope that we women also no longer need to fight for reservations. .. And get things based on Merit.

And this can come only when opportunities are available for all, and help available for those who are meritorious but lack means. That should be the basis for providing help - not caste etc

An ideal state, might take a while. But then - there is hope.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Mood swings

I had heard that mood swings were common during pregnancy & now I know...

These little things &instances that hurt a lot (which others may feel is not even worth an iota of thought & tell you not to make a mountain of molehill).
And i wonder if i would have felt any different any time else? i guess not, just maybe that i would not have showed my feelings.. Now they just flow out of my system...But on second thoughts, that has been the case after marriage itself :)

So therein lies the start point...Its like feelings without leash of late - be it love or anger.

But, there is something to soothe me.

Have been feeling like somethings moving inside, a part of my body itself, shifting its place.. like my stomach/intestine just moved :) funny..the first time i felt it was night-before-last.. when I got up to have water & visit the loo.
It was all so silent that I could hear & feel.. But was not very sure...
And I didn't feel alone then.