Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Love and Trust

Love& Trust .. The two pillars of any relationship..

Can one exist without another? Yes I think so..And here I am not talking about Trust on a broader perspective, am not talking about loyalty, but it could be trusting the other persons decisions - right or wrong, respect for the other persons space.., trusting the person to stand up for you...

There can be some people whom you trust blindly with your darkest secrets and yet not like their ideologies, or outlook on certain things that you feel strongly about. You may respect them but not really like them.

Then there are some whom you love for no apparent reason, yet when it comes to trust, you have a question mark.

Shouldn't Trust ideally be a subset of Love...but then is there 'an ideal relationship' ;) ? I guess not..

If you were to compromise on one aspect in a relationship, what would you choose, a little less love or a little less trust?

Saturday, March 21, 2009

I am a Mommy !!!!

Hard to digest...getting used to it....
When my hubby tells the baby "heres mommy", i look behind me for my mom, and then realise he is talking about me :)

But how did it feel like when i first saw my lil one...Actually i heard him before i saw him...And had tears flowing when i heard his first cry and one sweet nurse just kept wiping the tears..

and then they cleaned him up and the sewed me up before bringning us together..
How did i feel then when i saw him.. I dont know how i felt..or rather cant describe it yet..it was an animal like instinct though..a feeling without any reason...just there -completely bare..yet so hard to wrap in words.

Monday, March 2, 2009


Why do some relationships require
you to prove yourself time and again...

While some are just there waiting
To embrace you with open arms,
To forgive you of all the wrongs of the past..

They judge you for what you are,
and not what you did or didnt do.

Why are some relationships so fragile
that you want to take good care so they dont crack..
And the next minute you wonder
why arent they strong enough for you not to worry

Is it just so to make us realize
not all can be taken for granted..

that level is just for a few..

And then you thank God
that atleast there are those some
that you can reach out to, no matter the distance..
no matter the time, no matter the last conversation
no matter what the emotional balance was once due..