Monday, July 27, 2009

The Kite Runner

I was flipping channels and saw this airing..
The book had been on my 'to read' list for way too long, so decided to watch the movie before reading..
I was glued to the seat, though I am not sure how much justice was done to the book by the movie..

It is about a friendship between two kids transformed to akwardness due to guilt.. and how desperate one of them gets to part ways..
And then it is about loyalty- a loyalty the does not question the facts at all, a loyalty that lasts a lifetime.
And how life brings things that one wishes to bury, back in the forefront staring in your face.
You run away from things once but can you run again?

all this is told in the backdrop of political people stoop to levels unimaginable in such times, when preachers are the ones who commit the most gruesome sins..
and you ask can there be a happy ending? is there hope?
Grab a copy or watch the movie...


Solilo said...

Book is definitely better than the movie.

The boys who acted in the movie still recieve threat. Poor kids!

N said...

I shall read the book too, hopefully soon..
I didn't know about the threats. Truth is stranger than fiction, and harder to digest by people

Anonymous said...

I loved the book! Haven't watched the movie.

It was heart-wrenching, wasn't it.. And yet, it ends with hope..

Anonymous said...

I had loved the book. It was an eye opener of sorts... this one combined with A Thousand Splendid Suns, should be a part of every library I feel. These brilliant works show what fundmentalism can do to any country... and how easily this can go out of control.

How do we know said...

my favorite book too!!